Career guidance

I have been actively participating in the programs meant for students with an underprivileged background and one such program is career guidance. In India, the main cause being underprivileged is the socio-economic status of the student. These students are from a very humble background, i.e., their parents belong to a working class with modest education thereby are unable to provide any guidance to their children in the matters of professional education. Such situation is responsible for dropping out of the schools even before completing HSE (12th grade). Since I strongly believe that “Education has the power to transform your lives,” and hence to overcome such situations, I am dedicated to this cause in a best possible way.


Sports has always played a critical role in my life. It has taught me how failure can play a constructive role in overcoming obstacles and has also helped to overcome my fears. For instance, a few months back I had started learning to swim. Initially, I had many reservations like will I be able to perform strokes since it requires a moderate flexibility, also I had a phobia of water and depth. It almost took a month to learn the strokes and another 20 days to get the strokes in sync. Even after so many hurdles, my grit was not allowing me to give up. After three months of continuous practice, I learned freestyle swimming technique. Currently, I have learned two more technique butterfly stroke and backstroke. Swimming is one of the remarkable experience of my life which taught the importance of patience and persistence. I have been also actively participating the sports like Volleyball and Cricket.


I have been practicing this art since past 6 months. I was motivated to learn this art due to the following reasons firstly, because it is one of the oldest art form. Also, it gives us the full scope to apply our creative design and aesthetic skills. Moreover, it also helps to enhance our focus in our day-to-day activities. I am also looking forward to pursue a course on advance pottery.